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RepairData - Annual Support

Annual support contract for DataMill products

DataMill's products are offered at a significant cost savings due to our Application Services Provider (ASP) program.

Application service providers offer an outsourcing mechanism whereby they develop, supply and manage application software and hardware for their customers, thus freeing up customers' internal IT resources.

DataMill offers access and use of its products via the Internet. After a low initial fee, you must "rent" access to our applications hosted on our servers. This is our annual support fee. If you fail to renew your annual support, DataMill will discontinue your service. If you have allowed your support to lapse, paying it current from the time of expiration, and purchasing one additional year's coverage in advance can reinstate it.

At all times, the data collected by our customer and stored on our servers is owned by the customer.

What does my annual support do?

Obviously, DataMill uses your support revenue to maintain the quality and availability of support that you have grown to expect. We also use a portion of the annual support revenue to fund part of the ongoing research and development of the product line. This helps insure that DataMill will have a real-time solution for you when a new industry challenge arises.

Annual support provides:

Multiple/Redundant Internet Connections
1. Full Transit Peers
2. Cable & Wireless (old MCI Backbone)
3. MCI/Worldcom (UUNET)

Monitor servers
1. Potential disk failures
2. Memory leaks
3. Unbalanced processor utilization
4. Failing network cards

1. Hardware/software firewall's
2. Verisign Global ID 128 Bit Encryption (No Export License Required)
3. Security camera's, electronic lock's security of network and telecommunication rooms

Data/Power Back-up
1. All servers support Level 5 RAID
2. Off-site data back-up
3. 8 hour Diesel generator emergency power
4. Redundant air conditioning systems

Telephone Support

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, DataMill stands ready on our phone line to service your queries.

For after-hours service, please use phone support. Phone For immediate support by phone, dial 817-999-6727, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Leave a detailed description of your matter and indicate the urgency. Always include you return phone number or after-hours access method in your message. There is no time limit on the length of your message. A member of Technical Services will be paged immediately upon your completion of the message.

E-Mail For technical assistance, the best means of non-urgent support is to use RepairData?s online support by clicking Help > Help Desk and then create a ticket. If you are unable to access RepairData, then send email to Technical Services directly at

Product Updates

All major and minor revisions and versions of operating software, and the phone support required to implement them, are provided at no charge.