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RepairData - Asset Visibility

Centralized location for readiness reporting and visibility of your systems

The Asset Visibility/ System Status core module of RepairData provides real-time and legacy system status management. The module performs creation, deletion, update, and reporting of high visibility systems or subsystems. Current status, of Full, Partial, or Non Mission capable for each item, latest ETM, current location, and last event are documented. Also captured is the initial fielding information of the asset to assist investigation in reliability and maintainability.

This information provides the start clock for ETM or date to aid calculations for demonstrated reliability and maintainability functions. Warranty decisions can be based also on similar data.

If the item being tracked on the System Status screen has either a shipment or a maintenance action, the system status is updated to reflect that it is being shipped or worked on with a one click reference to the shipment or maintenance record!

Some of the information tracked:

1. Item and Serial Number
2. Date Fielded
3. Event and Date
4. System Code
5. Fielding Location
6. Current ETM
7. Current Location
8. Contract
9. Fielding ETM
10. Notes
11. Date Sold
12. Fielding Notes