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Keeping all the pieces of the puzzle together

The Configuration Status Accounting optional module of RepairData provides real-time and legacy configuration management.

The module performs creation, deletion, update, and reporting of entire systems configuration, sub-systems, and individual track items.

The material that is installed during maintenance automates configuration tracking. If the item installed is configuration tracked, its next higher assembly in the configuration module is found and updated when the maintenance action is closed!

History screens are available to view a tracked item as configuration changes occurred to it. Configuration events that are documented with each change can be that a baseline was created, modification by maintenance action, replacement by maintenance action, or user created event. These events are traceable back to the document number where applicable.

This module is one of the most important elements of RepairData. Imagine knowing where the 50 power supplies are, that you have to modify, instead of tearing down and looking through thousands of systems!

These screens are custom built to suit your configuration matrix.