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RepairData - Maintenance

Analysis of collected data drives costs down and reliability up

The Maintenance core module of RepairData provides real-time and legacy maintenance management. The module performs creation, deletion, update, and reporting of maintenance actions, data and repair time collection, failure analysis and logistic analysis of each maintenance action.

This module automatically provides updates to System status when a major system has a maintenance action either opened or closed. This module also provides automatic updates to Configuration Status Accounting when one serialized configuration tracked item is removed during maintenance and another is installed in its place.

These automatic features will only occur if the other modules are part or your customized RepairData configuration. If the item is tracked on the System Status screen, the system status is updated to reflect that it is having maintenance with a one click reference to the maintenance record!

The maintenance module also has optional screens integrated into its process if these options are required. Modifications Required and Reliability Failure Analysis are two optional data collection screens.

Some of the information tracked:

1. Maintenance Action Number
2. Initial Condition Code
3. Acceptance Test Performed
4. Item and Serial Number
5. Contract, Order, And CLIN for Repair
6. Acceptance Test Tech, Date/Time
7. Revision or Date Code
8. Current Status
9. Acceptance Test Man Hours
10. Open And Failure Date
11. Failure Description
12. Material Used in Maintenance
13. Receiving Document Number
14. Initial Inspection
15. QA Notes
16. NHA Item and Serial Number
17. Inspection Tech, Date/Time
18. QA Witness, Date/Time
19. Warranty?
20. Inspection Man Hours
21. QA Man Hours
22. ETM In and Out
23. Maintenance Performed
24. New Revision or Item Number
25. Maintenance Analysis Notes
26. Maintenance Tech, Date/Time
27. Final Condition Code
28. Categorization of Maintenance Action
29. Maintenance Man Hours