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Modification Track and Status

The Modification Track and Status optional module of RepairData provides real-time and legacy maintenance management. The module performs creation, deletion, update, and reporting of modification information.

Creation of multiple serial numbers affected is a snap. If numbers are consecutive or have the same gap, just enter the start and stop numbers with gap number and you can create hundreds of records in one step!

This module also enables an optional Maintenance Data collection screen of Modifications required. When a maintenance action is opened against an item that as outstanding modifications, the user is notified immediately.

The user, from within the maintenance action can then navigate to the modification and make a determination of its immediate requirement or if time allows for the modification based on the current requirement for the failed item.

If the modification is incorporated, it is then completed on the maintenance action and closed out in the Modification Tracking Status with a reference to the maintenance action.

Some of the information tracked:

1. Modification Number
2. Is Modification Allowed?
3. Labor
4. Charge Numbers
5. Title
6. Verified? With Name
7. Labor Charge Descriptions
8. Authorizing Document
9. Validated? With Name
10. Documented Effectivity by SN
11. Configuration Item Being Modified
12. Approved? With Name
13. Retrofit Priority
14. Mod Class
15. Submitted By
16. Estimated Start and Stop Dates
17. Mod Type
18. Engineering POC
19. Modification Writer
20. Identification Of Changes/Effects on Product Configuration Documentation, Logistics and Operations
21. Baseline Affected (Functional, Allocated, Product)
22. Estimated Modification Time at O, I, D, or other levels
23. Contract Number