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What is this?

Combining the use of a client-server architecture with Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), secure web-based interfaces, and the Microsoft SQL Server relational database, RepairData provides a powerful and easy-to-use computing environment over the Internet. It contains standard logistics and information management processes for all aspects of operational systems, including:

1. asset visibility, control, and distribution
2. equipment configuration, upgrade, and maintenance
3. inventory shipping, tracking, receiving, and reporting
4. legacy configuration control, calibration status, and failure analysis
5. well-designed on line reporting supporting all operational aspects

RepairData's wide range of capabilities enhances system management and helps you quickly isolate problems by providing precise configuration and location information for parts. As a result, it drastically reduces system repair time and the number of repairs necessary to valuable system components that cannot be unavailable. Using a robust system of data collection, dissemination, and reporting of both classified and unclassified data, statistical trends are easily tracked. The analysis of current performance metrics allows the prediction of future trends based on true historical data, eliminating guesswork and human error.

How does it work?

RepairData is delivered as "Software As a Service (SaaS)", which means that no proprietary software has to be installed. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Your data is stored on secure data servers protected by a minimum of two firewalls with one in front of the web server and one between that and the data server. You use a Virtual Packet Network, or VPN, tunnel to connect directly to your data server and conduct your business as usual.
All data servers are incrementally backed up every hour, and supported by a full back up each night. Those backups are then automatically stored at three separate locations in accordance with an established disaster recovery plan. The widespread availability of the Internet ensures that you have access to your information anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection with a single, secure log on to all systems. The RepairData messaging services ensure that notifications about maintenance actions, inventory levels, and received materials are instantly available to you, without having to be chained to a desk. RepairData provides a greater level of access, reporting and analysis of all maintenance operations than ever before.