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Stock Control and Distribution

The Stock Control and Distribution module of RepairData provides real-time and legacy inventory management.

The module performs creation, deletion, update, and reporting of item number / CAGE combination with multiple warehouse inventory control and availability status.

The module consists of core information on the item number / CAGE combination and optional inventory control screens.

When using RepairEDI, it is tightly integrated in the supply chain management of issuing material in response to military requisitions or inducting material received from the soldier.

This module supports basic information on the item number/CAGE combination.

Some of the information tracked:

1. Total Stock
2. Unit Of Issue
3. Case Pack
4. Back Order Qty
5. Unit Of Measure
6. Weight
7. Min/max Stock
8. Qty
9. NSN
10. CAGE
11. Safety Stock Level
12. Transaction History
13. Is Item Reparable?
14. Reorder Point
15. Average Cost Of Line Items
16. Is Item Configuration Item?
17. On Order Qty
18. Alternate Item Number(s)
19. Is Item Serialized?
20. Order Date
21. Alternate Item Number
22. Cost
23. Level of Repair
24. Lead time
25. Alternate Item Number Lead Time

Each item number/CAGE combination may have multiple inductions into inventory from purchase orders, contracts, and spares orders. Each induction is tracked separately.

Information tracked:

1. Date Received
2. Line Item Cost
3. BIN
4. Contract
5. Vendor CAGE
6. Condition Code
8. Color
9. Serial Number
10. Purchase Order
11. Size
12. Line Item In Stock Qty
13. Received Warehouse Location